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7 health benefits of music

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Music isn’t just fun to listen to. It has many moods and health benefits. Painkiller remedy or means contributing to the development of cognitive abilities, we tell you everything about the properties of the 4th art.


Rhythms, nuances, and frequencies… music has rocked us since prehistoric times. Form of artistic expression, traditional symbol, and sometimes even associated with science, the 4th art speaks to everyone.

  1. The benefits of music in babies:

Music has a thousand and one virtues and it starts from childhood, even at birth. The infant can recognize the songs that his mother listened to repeatedly during his pregnancy. The music he hears gives him a feeling of security.

It is also known that music promotes concentration and develops the cognitive abilities of toddlers. In the United States, its benefits are recognized and enshrined in law.

  1. Music softens morals:

Beneficial for children, music is also for teenagers. According to a study, it could improve the relationship between parents and adolescents. The researchers asked young adults to recall their memories between the ages of 8 and 13 and then after 14. Thus, in families where music had a prominent place, adolescents had better relations with their parents.

  1. Say goodbye to stress and hello to motivation:

Constant fatigue, knotted stomach, irritability… You have the symptoms of a stressed person. What if a piece of music could make your worries disappear? After much research, British scientists have selected a playlist of 10 songs that could overcome stress. One of them even reduces it by 65%.

  1. Vibrations to soothe the pain:

Music would also have painkiller virtues. Patients suffering from chronic pain could see their pain alleviate by 21% by listening to one hour of music a day.

While people with osteoarthritis or spine problems claim the benefits of music on their health, many studies have demonstrated its benefits on chronic or post-surgical pain.

  1. A tune to remember:

If a tune can make you relive a moment from your past, music would stimulate auditory memory and promote learning through sound. This allows the information received to be anchored in the brain. Researchers from the universities of Edinburgh and South Carolina discovered that learning a new language would be more accessible if people hummed the words or terms to remember.

  1. Classical music improves sleep:

It has been found that listening to 45 minutes of classical music before bed not only helps you fall asleep faster but also maintains better sleep quality during sleep time. Babies often fall asleep much faster and stay asleep longer when they are exposed to classical music.

  1. Classical music puts you in a better mood:

When listening to classical music, the feel-good hormone dopamine is released in the brain, which lifts our spirits. When we do something, we enjoy, this hormone is produced, and listening to classical music is one of them.

Thus, there are several health benefits of music.


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