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Know about the headphones and your health

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We often come across people on the street listening to music, on the radio, or talking on the phone through headphones. Well, the choice of these devices is really important for our hearing health.


In today’s post, we will try to tell you which ones are better and which ones are the most harmful to your ears.

First of all, we must say that more and more people, particularly young people, suffer from hearing problems due to the incorrect use of headphones. Either because of the high volume with which they are used, because of the exposure time at that volume, or because of the type of headset.

With this introduction, you may be wondering if the use of headphones is harmful to your hearing health. The answer, as on many occasions, is “it depends”.

As we said, it depends on the type of headphones and the use you give them. It is recommended that you do not listen to music at more than 60% of the volume of the device for more than 60 minutes.

In addition, some headphones are more suitable than others. Here we present the two types of headphones that we can find.

In-ear headphones and external headphones

To begin with, we must differentiate between internal and external headphones. We define internal ones as those that are inserted into the ear canal; they are also known as button headphones. External headphones are those that are not inserted into the ear canal but cover the entire surface of our ears; they are also known as headphones or headband headphones.

Once we are clear about the two main types of headphones, we will see which of these two is more suitable for our ears. As we mentioned before, much of the importance lies in the volume and the time of exposure to said book. With that in mind, we can say that external headphones are better for our hearing health.

Why? Because in the case of interns, we insert the earpiece into our ear canal with all that this entails. First of all, if the headset is not cleaned correctly, it becomes a source of infection. In addition, the action of inserting and removing it, if we do it abruptly, can cause small injuries to our ear canal. Finally, the fact that the earphone is closer to the eardrum means that the sound has a more direct impact on it.

In summary, we recommend that you use external headphones, and within these, those that offer greater cancellation of external noise are preferable. The more noise you get from outside, the worse you will hear, and you will tend to turn up the volume, which is harmful to your ears.

Commonly, not much attention is paid to these things when choosing headphones; one is usually influenced more by the price than by their characteristics. This should not be the case, as your hearing health is at stake.

What is essential, whatever headphones you use, is that you follow the advice on volume and exposure to it. Remember to follow the 60/60 rule; your ears will thank you.


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